Interactive design brings a brand to life

Digital Campaigns
Whether we’re designing a fully custom website, or display advertisement for your organization’s search marketing campaign, Sparxoo designs result-driven campaigns. We enable brands to stand out through creative excellence. We interconnect content, visual design and technology to engage with today’s on-the-go, busy consumer. We believe in the principles of essentialism in the disciplined pursuit of high value design and messages to capture users.
First Impressions Mean Everything Online
Traditionally, you have just 9 seconds to make a good first impression. On digital, you have less than 6 seconds. — Time Magazine and Others
User Experience Design

They say that content is king. At Sparxoo, we believe the path leading to the king should be paved in gold. That’s why we fuse analytics, creative, and focused call-to-actions, to create a high-quality user experience. Our UI/UX process is designed by truly understanding user pathways and business goals. We design responsive user interfaces that are intuitive and get results.

Design High Performing Digital Experiences
Video will account for 80% – 90% of global consumer internet traffic by 2018 – Cisco Systems -

Great brands are inspiring, dynamic, human and real. Great brands have a story to tell. Brand videos are attention getting and compelling to engage an audience with emotion. We create brand videos, and have a portfolio of video capabilities ranging from 30-second spots to video testimonials to video demos and full video campaigns. We use multimedia video storytelling for more dynamic and interactive brand engagement that elevates your brand image.

Video is a powerful storytelling medium
“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” – Albert Einstein
Brand Design

Today’s consumer consumes across platforms, across browsers and across mediums. Cohesive brand design enables an engaging brand experience. Your brand design dictates your brand experience. Multimedia brand design can often times be the difference between a stellar first impression and a lackluster last impression. Great design establishes credibility. It entices a reader to engage with your brand. It is the difference between a sale and a customer lost to competition.

At Sparxoo, we produce creative excellence through design. We believe creative excellence and smart design go hand-in-hand to create compelling user interfaces. Creative brands are smart, clear and visually stunning. We believe in going the extra mile in creating awe-inspiring design that conveys a professional and direct message to your target audience. A strong brand identity drives preference, and preference drives sales.

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